Teams / Rosters / Registration

Teams must be made up of a minimum of three players and a maximum of 5 players, who must be previously registered in the official ICA SERIES discord registered by the captain / CEO of the team and the team registered on the website
Halfway through the competition, the transfer window will open for teams to make the necessary changes to move forward. The start and end date will be announced in advance via our RRSS and Discord.
Players must be present in the Discord (mandatory in their corresponding room) before the start of the day. A 10 minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of the game, only in the first game of the day.
Changes of players between rounds are allowed, as long as they are registered in the Rooster reflected on the website.
Once each game has started, there will be NO RESTARTING of the game due to team members’ falls or crashes.


-Scoring Systems:


o 1.º: 12

o 2.º: 9

o 3.º: 7

o 4.º: 5

o 5.º: 4

o Del 6º al 7º: 3

o Del 8º al 10º: 2

o Del 11º al 15º: 1

o 16.º – 20.º: 0

o 1 for each elimination

Players of the teams that are going to play the ICA Series day must be ATTENTIVE AT ALL TIMES to the written Discord in the GENERAL rooms so that they can be notified when the next round starts. In the event that a player is not attentive, the round will start and the player WILL BE OUT OF THE GAME.

Content creators who wish to broadcast the competition via Twitch or other platforms MUST HAVE A 4 MIN DEELAY (Repeated offenders may be penalised).
Likewise, they must also make reference in the title of their channels to the competition by putting, ICA SERIES.


ICA SERIES is governed to a certain extent by the ALGS rules. The above rules are specific to the competition. We adapt to the rest of the rules except for the following points: Paragraph 1 (paragraphs 2 , 3 and 4 if ), 2.1 , 2.4 , 2.5 , 3.2(1st Paragraph if ) , 3.5 , 4 ( 4.1 and 4.5 if ) , 6 ( 6.2 if ) , 7.2.4 , 7.2.6 , 7.2.8 , 8 , A4 , A5 , Annex C ( C6.3 and C6.4 if ) , Annex D ( D.7 yes) , Annex E , Annex F , Annex G ( G4.5 , G8.2 , G8.3 , G8.4 , G8.6 , G9 (the game shall be restarted within 30 sec after the start of the game) yes )
Prohibited the use of Scrips or any kind of advantage NOT allowed in official competitions (includes any configuration that can be introduced to the game from any platform).

The specific points that are not indicated in the previous point mean that they will be included in the regulations. The points that appear in the ALGS regulations under the name of ICA SERIES will be included in the ALGS regulations.